Gradin Studio Visual Identity & Logo Guidelines.


Every journey starts with a guideline

This Graphic Standard Manual is about more than just the logo. It’s about a visual system made up of many parts that work together to elicit a feeling, and convey what Gradin Studio is all about.

We are professional, creative, forward-thinking, modern and technology based.

These guidelines are designed to help anyone working with the Gradin Studio brand in a visual context. They allow everyone to work with confidence and consistency in a variety of formats, areas and circumstances. If you have any questions about our brand principles, please contact us.


Gradin is Your One Stop Creative Solutions.

Graphic Standard Manual

We are a digital agency based in Surabaya who believes creativity and technology are now inseparable. With our expertise in visual branding combined with extensive knowledge about the web, we would like to help you navigate this digital age to grow to your true potential.

We began our journey in 2010, and then established ourselves with the name GRADIN in 2014. We’ve worked with clients from various fields such as industry, food, fashion, etc. Our diversity in clients’ backgrounds and services give us fresh perspective when faced with new challenges.

We value our relationship with you – our clients. Your growth as a brand reflects our team’s growth, and vice versa. We believe your growth and ours are inseparable.

Corporate Logo


Introduce this is the Gradin Studio’s logo. The logo is included in the wordmark / text logo category. All use lowercase letters to keep the rhythm of the logo shape.

Through the logo on the side, we hope that we can convey company values, including modern, creative, full of professionalism and maturity in providing creative services and solutions.

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Gradin’s logo has 2 secondary logos that describe our 2 main divisions, design studio (branding, logo, layout, etc.) and internet based technology (website, web apps, SEO, etc.).

Graphic Standard Manual
Graphic Standard Manual
Graphic Standard Manual

Logo Concept

The Gradin logo comes with a creative concept that is created keeping company values in mind. Big concept this logo is formed by combining 3 things.

Graphic Standard Manual
Brand name From the start we want wordmark / text logo. We make it with shape that can give a modern, futuristic and full of personality
Graphic Standard Manual
Number One When see in more detail, there is a number “1” between the letters “i” and “n”. Number 1 means that all creative solutions are in one place, namely Gradin Studio.
Graphic Standard Manual
Diagonal Arrow Diagonal cut in each corner of the letter, as an illustration that we want to always growth and streak much better in providing services and creative solutions.
Graphic Standard Manual
Final Logo

Logo Construction

The logo construction function to maintain the proportion of the logo, when the logo is applied to various types of media with various sizes.

X = The height of the letter “i” in the logotype

Graphic Standard Manual

Clear Space

To maintain the legibility and exclusivity of the logo, it is obligatory to place other logos, objects, or images outside the designated areas.

Graphic Standard Manual

Minimum Size

To maintain legibility of the logo in various applications, a minimum logo
size is set. The size on the side applies to use in all media.

Graphic Standard Manual

Print : Length 30mm
Digital : Length 85pxl

Graphic Standard Manual

Print : Length 20mm
Digital : Length 57pxl

Logo Color

Color is an essential part of the Gradin Studio brand, and helps to set the tone with a particular audience. Here’s our corporate color palette. To maintain consistency and brand recognition, these colors should be the lead colors in all applications. It’s essential that colors are reproduced as accurately as possible.

Graphic Standard Manual

Teal (PANTONE 7717 C)
HEX : #00837E
RGB : 00 131 126
CMYK : 97 26 55 07

Graphic Standard Manual

Jade (PANTONE 3405 C)
HEX : #00AD68
RGB : 00 173 104
CMYK : 100 00 83 00

Logo in Background

Our primary logo consists of the green on a white background. Our logo may appear in any of the formats shown here. The logo color should be determined by what would best complement the visual of the communication, while maintaining legibility.

Graphic Standard Manual
Graphic Standard Manual
Graphic Standard Manual
Graphic Standard Manual

Incorrect Use

This is important so that the logo appearance remains consistent. The logo must not be misinterpreted, modified, or added with other graphic elements. It is forbidden to change the logo in any way, as shown below.

Graphic Standard Manual

Don’t change logo color

Graphic Standard Manual

Don’t use color gradient

Graphic Standard Manual

Don’t add outline to the logo

Graphic Standard Manual

Don’t add effect to the logo

Graphic Standard Manual

Don’t make the logo transparent/low opacity

Graphic Standard Manual

Don’t strecth or distort the logo

Graphic Standard Manual

Don’t add another shape to the logo

Graphic Standard Manual

Don’t change the logo with other font

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